Why Salesbook PV is the best CRM for selling photovoltaics?


Paweł Szuksztul

Why Salesbook PV is the best CRM for selling photovoltaics?

Even during a pandemic, the photovoltaic industry is developing at a dizzying pace, which breeds more aggressive competition for customers. Many companies that provide high-quality services in this area, despite their hard work, lag behind the competition and are developing slower than market trends would suggest. The most prevalent reason is discounting the role of technology used for management of customer interactions and analysis of the work of salespeople and marketers. We decided to meet the expectations of the photovoltaic industry by creating a dedicated CRM, the functionality of which will be appreciated by both sellers and customers.

From this article, you will learn how to increase sales in your company using modern technologies designed with you in mind.

Goal: Sell more with the best CRM!

The biggest challenge that sellers and merchants are constantly facing – regardless of the industry – remains closing the deal. The contemporary consumer is not only pickier and somewhat spoiled by the ever wider choice and availability of competitive products and services, but also smarter and better informed. 

In a nutshell, the days when a printed flyer could be considered an effective sales material are the song of the past. This is especially important for offering technology such as photovoltaics, which is gaining more and more popularity and establishes stiffer competition. Our answer to the challenges faced by sellers is a dedicated app for the sale of photovoltaics – Salesbook PV, which combines a quoting tool with functionalities of the CRM system.

How to choose the most suitable CRM?

The profession of a salesperson constantly evolves and often requires reevaluation of not only the sales process but also of the approach to the customer and offer communication. Contemporary consumers don’t have to be educated anymore – they can hold their own in that regard. Instead, they have to be inspired.

Therefore to be inspired, the demonstration of products and services should include a clear-cut message and coherent vision presented in an effective form. Something, that combines the most desirable and valuable aspects of marketing communication and offering into one, engaging presentation.

More and more companies are therefore investing in cutting-edge, dedicated tools and solutions to improve the work of the sales departments such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

But here they encounter another hurdle – the tool itself is never the solution to the problem. It has to be utilized efficiently – and that doesn’t have to be easy.

About 50% of CRM system deployments fail. Despite that these tools are usually presented as universal and feature-rich, seldomly offer a bundle of functions necessary for any given industry, because they try to satisfy the widest possible user base. As a result, a misguided selection of CRM becomes yet another problem that needs fixing, because it remains a functionally unintuitive, time-consuming, and unnecessarily complex spreadsheet that requires constant supervision and does not give traders any tangible benefits.

55% of salespeople consider ease of use as the most important aspect of their CRM experience.

CRM tailored to your needs

Here at Salesbook we are aware of the challenges faced by sales departments and we understand that each industry is unique in its own way. That is why we are offering a dedicated sales tool for the photovoltaic industry. It’s a modern solution for companies that want to unleash the full potential of their sales departments regardless of whether they operate from the office or in the field.

Thanks to Salesbook PV, offering photovoltaics becomes easier as well as more effective and attractive for the consumer – for only a fraction of the price of implementation and maintenance of a competitive CRM system. 

Our system is not only an intuitive CRM but also many additional functionalities such as Sales Enablement and Sales Force Automation tools that increase the effectiveness of sales-related activities. Crucially, it also leads both the trader and customer through a structured sales funnel.

How Salesbook PV helps you sell?

Here we present an overview of the Salesbook PV functionalities that will allow each salesperson to spread wings – to the benefit of their future customers.

1. Photovoltaics quotation calculator

The offer calculator guides seller and customer step by step through the entire contract configuration process. Its advantage is that it presents often difficult concepts in a visually attractive and customer-friendly way and allows him to quickly identify with the subject of the offer.

Salesbook PV includes an extensive, fully customizable calculator that allows the seller to engage potential customers and present them with the most suitable offer.

The seller can adjust various parameters of the offer (legal forms, place of installation, etc.), and then submit a comprehensive proposal tailored to the individual needs and requirements of any customer.

The offer calculator also allows for the automation of various discounts, subsidies, and concessions. The seller’s not required to have encyclopedic knowledge on complicated legalities to effectively sell, thanks to having all the materials and sources of knowledge at hand, provided in an accessible form and fully automated.

All costs, allowances, and subsidies are automatically calculated and included in the valuation. In this way, the seller can show the customer benefits, which are expressed numerically, so they immediately reach the recipient’s imagination.

Finally, our calculator summarizes the benefits of installation such as annual yield or payback time. The contract itself is also signed from the level of the app – it can be done directly on the tablet or by text message on the phone.

Salesbook PV also allows you to sign a contract. This can be done in many ways: on a tablet, using a biometric signature, or remotely using the SMS contract signing module.

Every element of our calculator can be modified and adapted to any process and sales department requirements. Ultimately, even a novice seller will be able to independently carry out complex calculations and adjust the offer to the customer’s requirements. 

2. CRM System

CRM allows, among other things, to store and effectively manage information about current and potential customers. Elements of the sales funnel can be freely configured and adjusted to specific needs and processes. Moving customers between the elements of the funnel is intuitive and uses the drag & drop method.

Another crucial feature of Salesbook PV is a powerful CRM dedicated for the sales of photovoltaics. It includes, among other things, extensive analytical and administrative tools, as well as features that allow for efficient management and coordination of the sales teams and their leads in the sales funnel. CRM module is available on any web browser, both desktop and mobile devices. 

All information on the history of the sales process is available in the customer profile, which promotes the flow of information in the organization and allows for more efficient service of each lead.
The extensive Salesbook PV analytics allows the manager to formulate the most effective strategy based on actual, not declarative data and to manage the sales team more efficiently.

3. PV Installation Visualisations

Personalized visualizations of the installation are priceless sales aid. The client can see the effects of the investment with his own eyes as early as at the offer submission stage. For a trader, it is the first step to determine the parameters of the offer, e.g. the number of panels that will fit on the roof.

Salesbook PV creates visualizations of photovoltaic panels in several ways: based on a photo, on an uploaded graphic (e.g. an architectural design), or satellite images from Google Maps. That allows a dealer to personalize the offer even more and use interactive visual aids to disenchant the product in front of the customer.

4. Automatic offer generator

After the presentation, Salesbook PV auto-completes the purchase/sale contract with data from the customer’s profile (of course, it can also be done manually). Thus, the salesperson saves time and doesn’t have to worry about completing the documentation. In turn, that allows for a faster and more effective closing of the sale and reduces organizational chaos.

5. Presentation Module

The attention-grabbing form of presenting the company, service, and the seller engages the client from the very first seconds of the meeting and gives it a more personal character. Showing the history of the organization, its achievements, the experience of employees or the finished projects have a very positive effect on the customer’s trust in our company.

Salesbook PV has a built-in feature that allows for the presentation of marketing and informational materials in any form and format – from static images and text to audio and video. That allows for control of the messaging from the very beginning of the meeting, simultaneously reinforcing the desired optics of the company and product without losing the attention of the potential customer.

6. Meeting summary automation

After the meeting is finished, the customer automatically receives from the seller all the materials that have been presented to him, including the contract – if it has been signed. The trader does not have to do this work later in the office.

Salesbook PV can automatically send a summary of the meeting and the offer to the customer’s e-mail address, suggest an arrangement of another meeting, and integrate with calendars.

Given that 79% of the data collected by sellers is not imputed into CRM, automating data updates is extremely important. Every customer and salesperson (as well as their supervisor) will appreciate the convenience and reliability of this solution – especially when automatic notifications remind more chaotic employees about their duties and deadlines.

7. Library

The Library collects all the materials necessary for effective work and helps sellers answer difficult questions from customers. Files stored in the Library can be used at any time or sent immediately to the client during the meeting.

This feature will be surely appreciated by any remote salesperson. No more notebooks full of illegible notes and archaic reference materials. The library module allows for full digitization of resources, concurrently unifying and standardizing documentation for the entire organization. Prepared notes can be easily made available to specific users or added to the library, building the company’s database.

Discover the full potential of your company with the right CRM system

The salesperson’s job is not easy – it’s a very competitive profession that requires high adaptation skills, perfect time organization, and continuous education to meet the growing expectations of customers.

Our solution helps to optimize sales activities and engages the potential customer on every level, presenting essential information in an attractive and understandable form, saving time, and allowing full analysis of hard and undeniable data in the extensive analytical panel of our CRM. Moreover, the data entered during the offering process is automatically updated and synchronized in the system.

Additionally, our photovoltaics app saves sellers time by automating the most annoying and monotonous tasks, such as tedious filling out of customer cards, completing documentation, or sending meeting summary emails.

We are confident, that Salesbook PV is the best CRM for photovoltaics available on the market, which will improve the efficiency of any sales department. We work with hundreds of dynamic companies offering services in this area and we are keenly listening to their feedback. We are constantly improving the existing functionalities and developing new ones to further deliver a tool that in a real and practical way helps to generate more profit for the company by meeting the expectations of both traders and their potential customers.

If you want to find out how Salesbook can help your business, schedule a demo of our application or simply satisfy your curiosity – let’s get in touch!

Paweł Szuksztul