ENERGA streamlines sales processes in Customer Service Offices

"The implementation of Salesbook improved the functioning of our Customer Service Offices. We can easily and effectively adjust ​ a personalized offer to the needs of the most demanding customers"

- Łukasz Gintrowski, ENERGA

19 Jul 2021
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Grupa Energa Poland 9200 employees Salesbook Energy

ENERGA streamlines sales processes in Customer Service Offices


The company was looking for a solution that would improve sales processes in Customer Service Offices ​- physical points across the country that provide information, service and commercial services. The management board wanted to improve the course ​of the conversation with the client through more effective presentation of the offer, its simplification and better adjustment to the needs of contractors.​


After analyzing the market and tools available on it, ENERGA decided to implement Salesbook solution. Salesbook offers a direct sales support system, which uses tablets containing all necessary sales and marketing tools for presentation and offer configuration.​


Energa provided Customer Service Offices with tablets with Salesbook application installed, adapted to the needs of the tariff plan selection process. After analyzing the consumer's needs and behavior, the system supports the seller in choosing the optimal offer, which makes the whole process significantly shorter and improves the customer's experience with the sales service. What's more, thanks to Salesbook, ENERGA also increased the reach of customers with ​a package of additional services, e.g., access to specialists or insurance.​

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