The salesperson's
job is not easy

  • per day spent at work: preparations, meetings, telephones, offers, reporting
    10 hours

    per day spent at work: preparations, meetings, telephones, offers, reporting

  • barriers
    5 barriers

    to beat. Customers usually do not have: trust, need, willingness, money, rush

  • percent
    57 percent

    sellers do not meet the budget

Increase the effectiveness of the seller

Why not change it?

Salesbook is an innovative sales tool, which facilitates the work of the seller in many ways:

It provides information
Salesbook - It provides information
about the company and its offer, the seller does not have to remember all the details
Seller: It provides information
Advises the seller
Salesbook - Advises the seller
how to conduct a business conversation according to a proven process
Seller: Advises the seller
Analyzes needs
Salesbook - Analyzes needs
for the client and allows you to specify his profile, while adjusting the conversation scenario
Seller: Analyzes needs
It saves time
Salesbook - It saves time
spent on preparing and adapting the presentation to a specific client
Seller: It saves time
Tablet dla sprzedawcy

It's still not everything

Salesbook offers an extensive set of functionalities that support the sales person every day.

  • Tools Salesbook: Sends the offer
    Sends the offer
    Salesbook: Sends the offer
    or a summary of the meeting on the customer's email during the meeting
  • Tools Salesbook: Informs
    Salesbook: Informs
    when the customer opened the offer and what was most interesting
  • Tools Salesbook: Reports
    Salesbook: Reports
    automatically to any CRM system. There is no need to complete reports
  • Tools Salesbook: Performs calculations
    Performs calculations
    Salesbook: Performs calculations
    for example, it allows you to calculate the benefit obtained by the customer
  • Tools Salesbook: Plans next steps
    Plans next steps
    Salesbook: Plans next steps
    allows you to set further steps with the client and adds them to the calendar
  • Tools Salesbook: GDPR and marketing consents
    GDPR and marketing consents
    Salesbook: GDPR and marketing consents
    they are collected on the tablet and there is no need to carry paper forms

Salesbook makes work easier

Salesbook is for the seller. For which the hours spent in meetings with clients, preparing presentations and offers or describing the whole day of work in the CRM system are everyday. Statistically, the seller spends only 30% of the time on sales and the rest on operational activities which effectively limits his earning potential.

Salesbook is a great tool for every sales representative who meets with clients and convinces them to buy products or services. The system works best in consultative sales in B2B and B2C segments, especially in mobile sales channels (sales representatives, sales engineers) or in stationary sales (salons, sales offices, stands at fairs and conferences). Salesbook allows you to go through each step of the conversation step by step to identify the customer's needs and select the best offer for them. The system also enables the personalization of the offer or the configuration of the product, tailored to the customer's needs during the meeting.

An additional advantage of the Salesbook is the ability to work both online and offline, which makes sales possible in places where internet access is difficult.

Salesbook makes the seller's work much easier and more effective
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