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What is a dialer? Types of dialers

Dialer is a program that supervises the process of making phone calls. Proper selection of a dialer for a marketing campaign ensures more effective work of a sales team.

The Dialer type is selected when creating a campaign.

You can read more about this in the article How to add a marketing campaign in the Call Center module. (nie ma linku na razie)

All the available types of dialers that you can use in Salesbook are described below.

Manual dialer

On the New Lead screen, the call center user will see the customer’s details, so he can prepare for the call. He will also see an option to initiate the call himselve. Once the call is completed, the next customer’s details will appear on the screen.

A manual dialer works best for marketing campaigns that are handled by one or two consultants.

Progressive dialer

The progressive dialer initiates calls on its own. If the customer’s number is busy, unreachable, the customer does not answer or rejects the call, another call is initiated immediately. This process continues until the call is answered.

Next the call is redirected to the call center user and the details of the customer who answered the call appear on his screen. After the call is completed, the process starts over again.

The progressive dialer is most often used in campaigns targeting existing customers and small teams of consultants (about 3-15 people).

Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer may be the most effective form of connection initiation. Several calls are initiated at the same time. If the phone is answered by the customer, the call is redirected to the call center user who will be free as soon as possible.

The speed of initiating the next series of calls is automatically adjusted to maintain the greatest efficiency.

The predictive dialer is most effective in campaigns where you have many consultants (more than 15 people) and a lot of data to work through.

Note: Inappropriate use of the predictive dialer can contribute to “silent” or “abandoned” calls. This occurs when a customer answers a call but the consultant cannot yet conduct a conversation with him.

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