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Salesbook is an innovative sales and presentation tool for the mobile sales team. It helps to reach the customer, analyze his needs, present and configure the product.

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How Salesbook works

Salesbook is an intuitive tool you can configure in four simple steps. See for yourself how easy it is!


Salesbook — it"s easier than you think!

Upload your logo, wallpapers and set the colors of your app

The management panel will allow you to customize Salesbook app to your company"s graphics standards.

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Salesbook — get to know your best!

Add company presentations and configure your media library

With one click you can upload an attractive company or product presentation and place it in the library of all sales materials.


Salesbook — the app will calculate for you!

Use visual calculators and surveys

Their attractive form will shorten the sales process and allow for customer involvement.

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Salesbook — supports sales

Keep track of your sales results on the fly

In the admin panel you will learn how the Salesbook affects the work of your salespeople.

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Salesbook isn't just a CRM

Salesbook is an innovative sales and presentation tool for mobile sales teams whose task is to speak face-to face with customers, analyze their needs, present and configure the product.

    • Sales conversation
      quality analytics
    • Real-time reporting
    • Integration with
      any CRM
    • The most optimal
      sales path
    Macbook to manage for the manager
  • iPad for the seller Macbook for the manager
    • Individual analysis
      of customer needs
    • An attractive
      and understandable
      presentation form
    • Immediate offer
      delivery by e-mail
    • Notifications
      when the customer
      opens the offer
    iPad to business talks

What problems does Salesbook solve?

  • Lack of analytical data on sales meetings

    Lack of analytical data on sales meetings

    You will find out which meetings are effective and which can be marked as incorrect.

  • Lack of knowledge about customer needs

    Lack of knowledge about customer needs

    You will get to know the real needs and possible objections of your customers.

  • Lack of knowledge about the effectiveness of marketing activities

    Lack of knowledge about the effectiveness of marketing activities

    You will discover which materials are of interest and contribute to the closing of sales.

See how we work in practice

Watch our video, get to know the advantages of Salesbook and see what your next sales meeting might look like.

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We strengthen direct sales among hundreds of customers

Frank Burow
CFO/COO, OVB AG, Germany
Salesbook allows us to present in a visually attractive way the company, its main advantages and benefits of working in it. The platform ofers also extensive analytics and reports about the performance of the agents.

Who is Salesbook for?

The tablet with Salesbook will work in any industry that requires direct contact with the customer.

  • For: Finance and insurance

    and insurance

  • For: Banking


  • For: Telecommunications


  • For: Energy


  • For: Automotive


  • For: Technology


  • For: Services


  • For: Other


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