Log in with username and password

You have to log in to use the Salesbook system.

How to log in

Enter the e-mail address associated with your account in the E-mail field. Then enter the password for your Salesbook account in the Password field .

Back Office login screen.
Phot. 1 Back Office login screen.

Click the Log in button and enjoy all the possibilities our platform offers to you.

Login problems

If the login data you entered are incorrect, a info message stating “The user sent incorrect login data.” will appear on the screen after clicking the Log in button.

Information about incorrect login data.
Phot. 2 Information about incorrect login data.

To make sure that the password you entered is correct, use the eye icon on the right side of the Password field. Click on it to reveal the password.

If your login and password are correct, and you still cannot log in to the system, get help from the administrator in your organization.

By clicking the Help button, you will open a window in which there should be contact information. The Help button is located at the top of the page, above the login section.

Window with contact details of your administrator.
Phot. 3 Window with contact details of your administrator.

Blocking Log In option after three unsuccessful attempts

If you entered incorrect data three times in a row, your login will be paused for 10 seconds, and the screen will display the message “Another login attempt is in 10 seconds. Trying to login again before this time will extend the lockout time.”

Information that appears after three failed login attempts.
Phot. 4 Information that appears after three failed login attempts.

Each subsequent login attempt before 10 seconds elapses will extend the remaining login lockout time by another 10 seconds.

Our Knowledge Base is always at your disposal, as it contains most of the necessary information on the use of the Salesbook system. At the bottom of each screen in the Back Office and in e-mail messages, there is a message saying “Need help? Use our Knowledge Base”. Click on the link and use the search engine to quickly find the information you need.

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