Polaris boosts sales team performance

"The system's implementation has benefited the sales department and the company's management. By being able to analyze the offers created by salespeople, management can better understand what attracts customers. This allows for more focused and effective marketing activities."

- Denis Retat, Brand Manager, Polaris

8 Sep 2023
85% time saving

Polaris needed support in tasks concerning the management and optimization of sales activities. One of the main challenges was to organize the portfolio of offers so that they were in one place and easily accessible to all employees. The lack of proper standards in this area was complicating the sales process and increasing the time needed for customer service.

Another challenge was the excessive costs associated with many different sales tools that were not producing satisfactory results. The inability to analyze offers created by salespeople and the lack of a uniform customer service standard were further issues that required urgent intervention.


To address these challenges, Polaris decided to implement the Salesbook platform. This gave salespeople the opportunity to use tablets with a configured application that allows them to create and present personalized offers already during a customer meeting, even when salespeople do not have access to the internet. The high visual standard of the presented offers provided by Salesbook has helped to improve the quality of service and customer satisfaction.


The implementation of Salesbook has brought tangible benefits to Polaris. The company has recorded significant savings in salespeople's time – of as much as 85%. This has undoubtedly influenced the efficiency of the sales team, allowing them to focus on the most critical area: customer service.

Another advantage of Salesbook implementation is that it enables the offer to be presented in a visually appealing and accessible manner for the customer. This increases the effectiveness and credibility of the proposed solutions. By being able to create offers offline, salespeople have finally gained more flexibility and independence.

With the implementation of Salesbook, our company has revolutionized its approach to sales. This has not only translated into an increase in sales performance, but also in customer satisfaction, which is a key factor in the long-term success of Polaris.

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