OVB strengthens recruitment processes with Salesbook

"With the new tool, we were able to improve the candidate's experience during the recruitment meeting. We now present them with a visually appealing offer that we can quickly calculate based on expected engagement. Ultimately, the effectiveness of our process increased by 54%"

- Artur Pałęga, CFO at OVB

24 Aug 2021
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OVB AllfinanzPoland, Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine50 000 employeesSalesbook

OVB strengthens recruitment processes with Salesbook


The company was looking for a solution to streamline its recruitment process for new salespeople. The idea was to improve the experience of the recruited person and make the presentation of the company itself more attractive.


After analyzing the market and the tools available on it, OVB decided to implement a solution by Salesbook. Salesbook offers a direct sales support system that uses tablets containing all the sales and marketing tools needed to present and configure an offer. OVB supplied its reps with tablets that had the Salesbook application installed and configured for the recruiting process.


The application allows to present, in a visually attractive way, the history of the company, its main assets and benefits resulting from working there. Additionally, the application has been equipped with interactive elements allowing to calculate potential salaries depending on the level of the salesperson's involvement and performance. Cooperation with Salesbook improved recruitment effectiveness in OVB by 54%.

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