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Thermal Modernization and Pellet Boiler calculators. New products from Salesbook 


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Thermal Modernization and Pellet Boiler calculators. New products from Salesbook 

The market for renewable energy and the services that PV companies offer is changing at a dizzying pace. Salesbook, which is always at the forefront of solutions tailored to the dynamically changing market, is proud to present two new products – the Thermal Modernization Calculator and the Pellet Boiler Calculator.  

Created with the needs of professionals in mind, these tools respond to the voice of users seeking effective solutions to improve sales performance, efficiency, and customer service.  

In our digital world, where every second in a customer meeting matters, Salesbook offers tools that not only streamline the sales process, but also increase its effectiveness. The Thermal Modernization Calculator and the Pellet Boiler Calculator are more than just apps – they are your personal assistants in creating offers perfectly tailored to your customers’ needs. 

Thermal Modernization Calculator  

It is a solution that is revolutionizing the thermal insulation industry. The Thermal Modernization Calculator from Salesbook changes your approach to selling building insulation services.  

Designed with professionals in mind, it enables you to quickly and accurately calculate the costs and materials needed for your project. Thanks to this tool, you can now customize your offer on the fly during a meeting with a client. 

Pic. 1. The Thermal Modernization Calculator helps to prepare offers for both individuals and companies.

For companies that insulate buildings  

The Thermal Modernization Calculator from Salesbook is like a Swiss Army Knife for companies offering a building insulation service. It not only allows you to stand out from the competition, but also to provide your customers with a top-notch service.  

This tool allows you to quickly quote and tailor your project to each customer’s individual requirements, which is crucial in the thermal insulation industry. With our calculator, you can easily adapt the solution to the specifics of the building, calculate the material requirements and provide the customer with a precise quote calculation.  

Choice of polystyrene foam for the external facade  

Choosing polystyrene foam to insulate a building is a decision that will last for years, which is why it is so important to choose the right type and product qualities. The calculator allows the presentation of different polystyrene options for the external facade, considering personalized technical parameters and prices. This allows you to compare the options quickly and easily, and therefore build an offer that perfectly matches your needs and budget. 

Pic. 2. During a meeting with the client, you can present them with different insulation options.

Choice of accessories: silicone render or marmurite lining  

Every thermal renovation project is unique, and add-ons such as silicone render or marmurit surfacing can make a significant difference to its final appearance and functionality. With the calculator, you can easily add these elements to your offer, showing the customer the full spectrum of possibilities.  

Choosing polyurethane foam for insulating ceilings  

Polyurethane (PUR) foam is a popular choice for insulating ceilings, and the calculator allows you to calculate the precise amount of material needed. This allows you to provide the customer with an accurate cost estimate, which simplifies the decision-making process.  

Choice of accessories: slab holders  

Small items such as slab holders are often overlooked, but they make a significant difference in the total cost estimate. The calculator allows you to consider these details, and this, in the client’s eyes, demonstrates your accuracy and professionalism. 

Pic. 3. Doors and windows are an important part of keeping warm, so the calculator gives you the opportunity to add them to your quote.

Joinery configuration: windows and doors  

With the Thermal Modernization Calculator, you can tailor your choice of joinery, including windows and doors, to the project specifications. This increases the functionality of the offer and enhances the final project’s aesthetics. As with polystyrene – windows and doors are an investment for years to come, so the client will expect you to provide a comprehensive offer in this regard.  

Energy audit  

In the Calculator, we have also included a service that has often been reported by professionals as essential in the process of thermo-modernization of a property. This is the Energy Audit, which is designed to help you optimize the maintenance costs of your building.  

Grant calculator  

The grant calculation option built into the Calculator is a huge benefit for your customers. It allows you to show them how they can benefit from the financial support programmes available. 

This tool allows for a quick calculation of potential grants, making it easier for customers to make an investment decision. In this way, the Thermal Modernization Calculator not only facilitates the sales process, but also becomes a key element in building long-term customer relationships based on trust and professionalism.  

Pellet Boiler Calculator  

In response to the growing market demand for ecological and efficient heating solutions, Salesbook introduces the Pellet Boiler Calculator. This innovative tool is designed to help salespeople and managers accurately and quickly select pellet heating systems for their customers.  

This calculator is ideal for professionals who want to increase their sales opportunities by offering customers not just a product, but a comprehensive solution tailored to their individual needs. It is a step towards a more sustainable future and a powerful ace up the sleeve of any sales professional.  

Selecting the heated area and wall height  

With the Pellet Boiler Calculator, selecting the right heating system starts with a precise determination of the size of the heated surface and the height of the walls. These are key parameters that influence the choice of boiler output. This tool allows a quick calculation of the necessary heating power, ensuring that the customer receives a solution perfectly adapted to the size of their house or flat. 

Pic. 4. To correctly calculate the heating power requirement, the calculator guides you through a module for collecting data from the customer.

Gathering information on windows  

It is equally important to gather information about the windows, which significantly impact the heating system’s efficiency. The calculator considers factors such as the size, type, and insulation level of the windows to further tailor the offer to the customer’s property specifications.  

Choice of heating type  

The calculator allows selection between several types of heating, allowing the system to be tailored to the customer’s preferences and requirements. With this tool, salespeople can effectively advise customers on which boiler model will be best and most efficient for them.  

Number of people in the household and daily water consumption  

The calculator considers the number of people in the household and their daily water consumption, which is important when selecting the right boiler. This ensures that customers can be confident that the chosen system will efficiently and economically meet their daily needs. 

Pic. 5. The output of the pellet boiler also needs to be matched to the individual demand of the household.

Heating power requirement and boiler selection  

Based on the data collected, the Pellet Boiler Calculator allows the heating power requirement to be precisely determined and the appropriate boiler to be selected. This is crucial for ensuring energy efficiency and optimizing heating costs.  

Selection of additional components  

The Calculator also offers the possibility to select additional heating system components, such as pellet tanks or control systems. This allows you to offer your customers comprehensive solutions that meet their individual needs. 

Salesbook Calculator
Salesbook Calculator

Thermal modernization benefit and financing calculator  

By offering the possibility to calculate the benefits of the thermal modernization allowance and help in finding optimal financing solutions, the Pellet Boiler Calculator becomes not only a sales tool but also an advisory tool, increasing the value of the service you offer.  

Try out the Salesbook now and increase your sales

Do not wait, check out how the Thermal Modernization and Pellet Boiler Calculators from Salesbook can revolutionize your sales.  

These tools will streamline your sales process and allow you to offer customers tailored solutions.  

In today’s world, where personalization and efficiency are key, Salesbook gives you a competitive edge. Try our calculators and see how they can help you increase your sales results and improve the efficiency of your sales process. 

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