• All-in-one CRM that makes your sale a complete process

    Agile and transparent management of customers, the sales funnel, and the entire offering process.
    For the first time, it is powered by hard data collected during sales meetings.

Key features

  • Workflow

    Keep all processes, customers, statuses and offers in one customizable company-wide workflow.

  • List and funnel view

    Adjustable to your needs: plan and run from a clear funnel view or standard list view.

  • Sales scenarios

    Accelerate work plan creation. Automate the list of everyday and repetitive tasks.

  • Budget control

    Track the actual costs of your activities and compare all incurred expenses to the assumed contract value.

  • Transparent reports

    Use reports to analyze the most effective and weakest activities of your sellers.

  • API & Integration

    Automate your workflow, send notifications to Microsoft Teams and Slack.

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What are the benefits for you?



Control of the entire sales process

The Salesbook will allow you to create standards that will make you know precisely what stage a given sales lead is at, what actions they have taken against it, and what tasks they have to perform.



Perfect information flow

Your advisers, salespeople, installers and managers will start working in one tool. Everyone will have access to current knowledge, documents, and assigned tasks. You will save much time needed for efficient communication.



Automatic data feed

By combining our CRM system with our mobile app, you will gain the possibility of analytics based on hard and actual data coming directly from sales meetings.



Increase your revenue

Thanks to the standardization of the process, streamlining communication, and improving the customer experience, your advisers will increase the range of effective reaching new buyers.

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We strengthen direct sales among hundreds of customers

Frank Burow
CFO/COO, OVB AG, Germany
Salesbook allows us to present in a visually attractive way the company, its main advantages and benefits of working in it. The platform ofers also extensive analytics and reports about the performance of the agents.

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