Remote and face-to-face sales meetings

  • Remote and face-to-face sales meetings in one application

    Salesbook supports the sales representative both during face-to-face meetings and online calls. Remote sale process means flexibility in contact with the customer, which guarantees success even in a hard times of pandemic.

How Salesbook works?




The seller logs into his application on a tablet or laptop and sends a meeting invitation to a potential customer.



the meeting

The client opens the link on any device, and the session begins.




The seller presents the offer, interactively researches the customer's needs, calculates the benefits, savings, and price of the product, configures the financing options, and signs the contract remotely.



summary of the meeting

The application automatically sends a meeting summary to the client and our CRM.




The sales manager sees in CRM all the parameters of the meeting held: its time, efficiency, and linked activities.

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Key features

  • Remote presentation of the offer

    Make remote presentations thanks to the ability to share the screen of a tablet or web application.

  • Integration with teleconference tools

    Use any tool for the meeting. Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting, or Meet – we support them all.

  • Remote contract signing

    Sign the contracts remotely without meeting the client physically.

  • Remote appointment scheduling

    Integrate the application with the calendar and arrange meetings with customers more conveniently.

  • Built-in CRM system

    Transfer all sales data in real-time to a single management system for the entire process.

  • Working time control

    Get access to advanced analytics and reports related to the work of the entire sales team.

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What benefits will you get?

You will conduct more

The ability to choose how to hold a meeting (face-to-face or remotely) increases the chance of having it.

Thanks to the online presentation, salespeople can better adapt to the client's daily schedule.

You will minimize
logistic constraints

Thanks to the possibility of remote presentation, the seller is not limited by logistic issues.

To conduct a remote meeting with the client, you need a tablet with the application and a stable Internet connection.

You will make the remote
presentation more attractive

Thanks to Salesbook, a teleconference is not only a conversation of several people who see each other on the screen of their devices.

The application allows screen sharing, and the aesthetic layout ensures a high level of customer experience.

You will be flexible
in the event of a crisis

Unforeseen situations can limit the possibility of holding face-to-face meetings.

Remote presentation and sign a contract remotely allow you to maintain a high level of sales results.

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Frank Burow
CFO/COO, OVB AG, Germany
Salesbook allows us to present in a visually attractive way the company, its main advantages and benefits of working in it. The platform ofers also extensive analytics and reports about the performance of the agents.

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