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  • Platform that will boost your insurance sales process

    Salesbook will help you analyze the customer's needs and automatically select the appropriate policy. It will also support you recruit and onboard agents making them effective from day one in their new job.

How does Salesbook support the work
of insurance agents?

  • Customer's needs analysis

    You will quickly analyze the customer's needs and the data will be automatically saved in the CRM system.

  • Offer generation

    Based on the analysis of the customer's needs, the application will calculate the amount of premiums and select the appropriate policy.

  • Signing policies on the tablet or remotely

    Sign your policy agreement directly on your tablet or remotely via SMS.

  • Automatic meeting summary for the client

    After the meeting, we will automatically send the client a summary containing the contract and other documents.

  • Automatic report to CRM

    All meetings with customers and the information collected from them will be immediately visible in the CRM system.

  • Support for the recruitment of new agents

    The process of recruiting agents will become easier and attractive for the candidate. You'll build your network faster.

  • Rapid deployment of new agents

    Agents have constant access to sales materials, a standardized process and training.

  • Customer data archive

    You always have access to all information and policies of a given customer in one place.

  • Calculation of the commission

    Forget about manually calculating the commission for each agent separately. Our app will do it for you.

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We collect information from the client

You can easily and quickly collect all the necessary data from the customer, including GDPR consent. They will be automatically saved in the internal CRM system or may be sent to another (your) CRM platform.



We analyze the client's needs

You can define your own interview questionnaire, which you can then use to collect the information necessary to perform the analysis of the client's needs.



We select the appropriate offer

Based on the information obtained during the analysis of the client's needs, our application will select the appropriate policy offer, which you can immediately present to the client during the meeting.



The client signs the contract on the tablet

The customer can sign the contract for the selected policy immediately during the meeting (on a tablet) or at any other time (remotely, via SMS).



We send a summary to the client

Right after the meeting with the client is over, the system will automatically send him a summary in the form of an e-mail, in which you can attach the necessary documents.

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Robert Gowin
Member of the Board, Unum
Thanks to Salesbook, it was possible to improve the client's experience during the meeting, standardize the advisory process and implement mechanisms of increasing its quality
Read the Case Study of the implementation of the Salesbook application in Unum >>

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