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  • Trading energy has never been so easy

    Try a sales application that will help you increase your profit by 27%.

What can our application do?

  • Presents your company

    Present information about your company in an aesthetic and transparent way. Build customer confidence in the brand.

  • Analyzes the client's needs

    Create an effective sales offer that corresponds accurately to the customer's needs identified during the meeting.

  • Calculates the level of reactive power compensation

    Provide the customer with a before and after comparison of costs and energy losses. This will help him make a purchasing decision.

  • Generates a summary of short-term and long-term savings

    Show the client how much money he will save by choosing the solution you offer. You can present the savings as a percentage or as an amount.

  • Matches the ideal solution to the customer's energy needs

    Based on the data obtained from the client during the meeting, you will configure an offer corresponding to the current energy demand.

  • Supports sales reps during the conversation with the client

    During the meeting with the client, present the advantages and benefits. Calculate what savings he can expect, e.g. in terms of penalties for exceeding the capacity or within the current tariff group.

  • Indicates areas of action to reduce energy losses

    Tell the client what to do to increase the energy efficiency of a specific property.

  • Generates an offer during the meeting

    Don't waste time creating an offer when you return to the office. Based on the data collected during the meeting, the application will immediately automatically generate an offer.

  • Sends a summary with the offer

    After the meeting, the client will automatically receive a summary and the offer configured during the conversation.

  • Manages the sales process

    Stay up to date with all information about customer status, sales opportunities and estimated sales values. Make informed decisions to improve your sales performance.

  • Provides hard data for sales analysis

    Duplicate the effective practices of the best salespeople and increase the sales competences of your team.

  • Orders the montage and controls its status

    From the application level, create detailed montage orders for the necessary installation elements and monitor the progress.

Check how to increase sales by 27%

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What benefits will you get with Salesbook?



You will earn the customer's trust

Use attractive presentations, case studies and visualizations to build a positive image of the company and gain customer trust. Present the company's successes and completed reference projects during the meeting.



You will accurately identify the customer's needs

Interactive surveys and calculators will allow you to quickly and accurately learn about your client's needs. Thanks to this, you will find the perfect solution and prepare an effective offer.



You will convince the customer to choose your offer

During the sales meeting, present what measurable benefits and savings the customer will achieve by using your solution. Use for this visually attractive ready-made comparison engines and configurators.



Prepare and present the offer

Prepare an effective offer in real time and present it to the client for approval during the conversation. This will allow you to close the sale at the first meeting.



You will plan the montage of the necessary elements of the installation in detail

Plan and manage the montage of meters, inverter and other necessary installation components required for energy transmission. You can also provide the client with the option to monitor the progress of the order.



You will create an universal and effective sales process

Analyze sales data and on their basis create an effective process that will increase profit in your company. Use the experience and practices of the best salespeople to increase the efficiency of the entire sales team by 53%.



You will automatically generate detailed reports

The CRM system will automatically use all historical data, information on sales meetings and forecasted results to generate reports and analyzes that will help you make informed and accurate sales decisions.

Find out how to create an effective offer for your client

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We strengthen direct sales among hundreds of customers

Frank Burow
CFO/COO, OVB AG, Germany
Salesbook allows us to present in a visually attractive way the company, its main advantages and benefits of working in it. The platform ofers also extensive analytics and reports about the performance of the agents.

Check how to increase sales efficiency by 53%

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Salesbook Versions

  • Standard

    application available through a web browser
    management of the entire sales process (CRM)
    visual installation design
    offering and managing the assembly process
    Microsoft Azure cloud
    standard service support
    access to application updates
  • Pro

    all functions of the Standard package
    dedicated salesman app for iPad
    company presentation and offer module
    calculating customer benefits module
    the ability to collect information on the customer's installation site (including photographs)
    the ability to sign a contract with the customer
    full integration with the WWW application and the entire sales system
  • Enterprise

    all features of the Pro package
    dedicated modules
    any integration with other IT system (API)
    option of installation on the hosting platform indicated by the customer
    Premium service support: fast guaranteed response times

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