• We simplify the sale and installment of solar panels

    Dedicated application for photovoltaics companies will allow you to manage the entire process: from sales enablement through offer visualization to controlling installment teams.

What can our application do?

  • Presents the company

    Tell your company's story. Build trust and gain customer attention.

  • Analyzes needs

    Identify customer needs, show him the changing solar market and the benefits of investing in solar panels.

  • Collects installation data

    Collect data on the installation location. Describe them with the necessary parameters, pass them on to the operational team.

  • Creates visualization

    Easily and quickly create a solar panels installment visualization and show it to the client at the meeting.

  • Calculates an offer

    Present to the client an offer tailored to his needs during the meeting.

  • Allows contract signing

    Sign the contract with the client straight on the tablet or through an SMS.

  • Sends summary

    During the meeting, you can automatically create and send a summary of the meeting to the client, including the contract.

  • Manages sales

    Monitor business meetings, analyze their quality and sales opportunities. Duplicate best practices.

  • Manages installment teams

    Ensure that your installation team always has the latest information about the client and the installation they need to do.

  • Configures the heat pumps offer

    Create a personalized configuration of heat pumps, taking into account all customer expectations and available discounts.

  • Creates a list of reference customers

    Present the results of your company's work based on the examples of completed projects.

  • Gives the client control over the project

    Let the client check the progress of work and monitor its progress from the Client Panel.

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What benefits will you get?


You will design a PV installation visually

Provide the customer with a visualization of a customized installation. Present all the details of the infrastructure and convince him to sign the contract.


You can quickly create any offer

The application will allow you to create an individual offer in real-time. Get to know the customer's preferences, apply the appropriate pricing policy and present specific calculations during the meeting.


You will effectively convince the customer to buy

Present your offer with aesthetic presentations and realistic visualizations. Use prepared configurators and calculate an individual offer during a meeting with the client. Bet on visual argumentation.


You can sign the contract with the customer

After you present the offer to the customer and he agrees to buy it, you can sign a contract with that customer right away on the tablet. They can also sign the agreement through an SMS during remote meeting.


You will control the flow of information in the company

Follow your team's sales process and get hard data for further analytics. Integration with the CRM system will allow you to efficiently flow communication between your advisers, fitters, and engineers.


You will gain knowledge about the sale process

Salesbook will allow you to create standards that all advisors will use in working with the client. You will be sure that the customer receives the correct data and arguments.


You will significantly increase your sales results

Thanks to the standardization of the process, streamlining communication, and improving customer experience, your advisers will increase the range of effective reaching new buyers.


You will be able to manage installment teams

Gather all installation parameters in one app. Manage your team availability, delegate it tasks and check the progress of istallation.

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We strengthen direct sales among hundreds of customers

Frank Burow
CFO/COO, OVB AG, Germany
Salesbook allows us to present in a visually attractive way the company, its main advantages and benefits of working in it. The platform ofers also extensive analytics and reports about the performance of the agents.

Check, how to prepare a PV offer for the customer

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Salesbook Versions

  • Standard

    application available through a web browser
    management of the entire sales process (CRM)
    visual installation design
    offering and managing the assembly process
    Microsoft Azure cloud
    standard service support
    access to application updates
  • Pro

    all functions of the Standard package
    dedicated salesman app for iPad
    company presentation and offer module
    calculating customer benefits module
    the ability to collect information on the customer's installation site (including photographs)
    the ability to sign a contract with the customer
    full integration with the WWW application and the entire sales system
  • Enterprise

    all features of the Pro package
    dedicated modules
    any integration with other IT system (API)
    option of installation on the hosting platform indicated by the customer
    Premium service support: fast guaranteed response times

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