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Salesbook application now available for iPhone!

Salesbook application now available for iPhone!

Use Salesbook wherever you are. The iOS version will give you easy access to the most important features of our app from your smartphone.

Salesbook for iPhone
Photo 1. Salesbook mobile application for iOS. View of the login panel and user account.

What features are available in the Salesbook version for iPhone?

  • Contacts

You have access to all contacts to which you are assigned. You can also filter them, add new ones and search freely.

  • Organizations

As with contacts, you have access to all organizations that you are joined to. From your smartphone, you can filter them, add new ones and search for the ones you need at the moment.

  • Calendar and meetings

From the application level, you have access to your calendar and all the events planned. You can also add new meetings, accept or decline sent invitations.

  • Tasks

You have access to a list of all your tasks along with options for scheduling and completing them.

Salesbook for iPhone

Photo 2. View of contacts, task list and calendar.
  • User profile management

You can freely and quickly edit your personal profile data.

  • Dark Mode / Light Mode

Depending on your needs, you can switch between application dark and light mode.

  • Access to funnels and CRM threads

The mobile version provides full integration with the CRM system. From the application level, you can easily go to funnels and threads. Manage them freely and check the status of individual sales stages on your smartphone.

Salesbook for iPhone
Photo 3. Main menu, dark mode and funnel preview in CRM.

The iPhone application will allow you to better control daily tasks and the status of their execution. You can easily schedule a meeting or cancel it using your phone, without the need for a computer or iPad.

Permanent access to the CRM system from your smartphone will provide you with convenience and the necessary control over the entire sales process.

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