Kawasaki raises sales and streamlines sales processes

"Thanks to Salesbook, managers have accurate and reliable information not only on sales meetings at our showrooms, but also on the number of test drives conducted and offers sent."

- Michał Cieślar, Sales Director, Kawasaki

13 Apr 2023
Sales growth of 24%

The company was looking for a tool to help solve problems related to optimizing marketing and sales activities.

In particular, the organization wanted to make better use of salespeople's time by providing them with the right tools to create multimedia offers, manage customer data and measure the effectiveness of marketing activities.


Kawasaki has implemented Salesbook, providing its salespeople with tablets with the application configured. During meetings with customers, salespeople are able to send electronic offers supplemented with multimedia content such as photos, videos and brochures.

The platform also facilitates interactions with customers, allowing them to easily contact salespeople and for example, renew offers with a single click.


The company's management estimates that the main benefits are optimization of salespeople's time, the multimedia nature of the offer, automation of the test drive appointment process and calendar planning.

In addition, Salesbook offers reporting features that help track and verify the effectiveness of marketing activities. The application also allows for cost savings at the marketing level, as well as quick personalization of product offerings and efficient onboarding of new employees.

Ultimately, the implementation of Salesbook has translated into measurable results in the form of increased sales, particularly evident
in the double-digit increases (%) in accessory sales recorded each year since the application was implnted.

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