Level2 Ventures has invested in Salesbook

Level2 Ventures has invested in Salesbook

28 Jan 2022

Salesbook raised new financing as a part of the late seed investment round. Level2 Ventures – a private venture capital fund created by Adam Rudowski and Piotr Pawłowski, experienced CEOs from the ITC industry – has invested in our company. The received capital will allow us to accelerate the scaling of Salesbook on foreign markets, expand the portfolio of industry solutions and increase the evaluation before the A round.

Level2 Ventures has invested in Salesbook
Pic. 1 From the left: Dariusz Nawojczyk (CMO Salesbook), Piotr Pawłowski (General Partner Level2 Ventures), Jacek Maciak (CEO Salesbook). 

- We decided to invest in Salesbook because it is the first tool, we know, that introduces automation and analytics, so far associated with the e-commerce market, into classic sales. It allows you to build an effective sales process, monitor and improve it over time, additionally providing traders and managers with an intuitive CRM system for sales management and analysis. The potential of Salesbook was also noticed by the market, which resulted in a two-fold increase in sales in 2021 and the growing dynamics of acquiring new customers. Currently, the application is used by over 50,000 sellers and managers from around the world, including companies such as Energa, Orange, Edison, OVB and Mercedes-Benz – says Piotr Pawłowski, General Partner Level2 Ventures. 

- The capital received in the round will be used for the implementation of the expansion strategy and further product development. We are already present in Poland, Germany and Singapore. In 2022, we will focus on introducing Salesbook to the US and UK markets, which we see as a priority in building the company's value at this stage. At the same time, we plan to develop dedicated solutions for the ICT, healthcare, HR and production industries – says Jacek Maciak, CEO of Salesbook. 

- One of the main distinguishing factors of Salesbook is the possibility of hard analytics of the sales meeting. In this way, the organization gains knowledge of which elements of the process are delivering the desired results. We also want to invest in this area and – using artificial intelligence mechanisms – suggest to our clients the optimal sales formula – adds Dariusz Nawojczyk, CMO Salesbook. 

The Sales Acceleration tools market, as predicted, will grow at a rate of 16% in the years 2021-2026. Year to year. Currently, the global market value of these solutions is estimated at USD 30 billion. 

- Continuous improvement of the sales process, intelligent analytics and increased competences of salespeople are the necessary elements of building a market advantage in any business. In the era of high rotation in sales teams, Salesbook helps to achieve and maintain high sales efficiency by offering assistance in the implementation of new salespeople and optimization of the activities of those experienced – summarizes Piotr Pawłowski.