High B2C – how to sell dreams with proper tools

High B2C – how to sell dreams with proper tools

Can Salesbook be used when the sales team is one or two persons? Does it make sense, and will it generate the benefit for the company?

Game Over Cycles (GOC) – is a manufacturer of “custom” motorcycles from Rzeszów that won the most significant competitions in the motorcycle industry: 

• Custom Gallery,
• Italian Championship Bike Show,
• Rat’s Hole Custom Bike Show,
• Harley-Davidson Museum Custom Bike Show,
• Custom Chrome Europe,
• Faaker See Championship and many more.

Game Over Cycles

In a company where passion and art combine into one, and the contractor must be able to use a hammer as well as a professional CNC machine, real works of art are created. Even during my first visit to GOC, we started to talk about how the production and sale of these two-wheeled masterpieces looks like – I already knew that GOC, despite a small sales team, needs a Salesbook.

My rule is:

“I don’t sell anything if the customer doesn’t benefit after buying it.”

I was convinced of the benefits for GOC, but the owner and sales director were not necessarily. Congress 590 was approaching, and because we always like to “shock” with our booth, we borrowed one of the motorcycles. We have prepared a Salesbook configured exactly for Game Over Cycles with options:  

• about the company – the whole GOC story,
• motorcycles – MadMax, Recidivist and GOC Girls, 
• library – all materials about motorcycles, photos, materials from production, 
• meeting summary – an email with selected content. 

During Congress 590 I had over 50 “meetings” ended with e-mail delivered – everyone who visited our stand, saw how the Salesbook works in the GOC configuration, and got e-mail with all information about motorcycles – along with their photos. At that time, I remembered all the fairs I went to (Mobile Word Congress, CEBIT, GamesCon), all the collected business cards (including some of the lost ones), and then the nightmare of answers. 

Salesbook is the best tool for trade fairs – I am 100% convinced! 

Now I’m talking, showing the product, listening, and at the end of the conversation I just press “send”. My interlocutor immediately has in his e-mail inbox a link containing everything we talked about, plus a lot of other information.

Let’s return to GOC. An important meeting in New York was approaching, and the GOC team asked for the possibility to use the Salesbook. We prepared the entire tool in 3 days. 

Important meeting in New York

The day after the meeting, we received an email from the GOC Sales Director directly from NY: 

Hello Maciek, 

Many thanks for your and your team’s work! The Salesbook is sensational for such meetings!
100% plan for NY achieved, though anyway… the boss will earn millions and get all the glory… 

Paweł Szczepański

All in all, this was the second e-mail like that I received from a client in my 15 years of business life. Now Salesbook has become an inseparable GOC application, because it allows user to sell anywhere – at a meeting, in a bar, on an airplane, anywhere.

There is no fear of place or time, because everything you need is in the application. The best custom motorcycles in the world are available at your fingertips. In addition, we will never lose any contact because it is saved immediately after the meeting. 

Here we have an example of high B2C sales, where the dream is sold, and the sales team is only 2 people – also in this formula the Salesbook works perfectly. 

What won’t Game Over Cycles use in the Salesbook? 

– write to CRM,
– analyses, statistics, BI, 
– whether the client reviewed the offer and on what elements he focused, 
– price calculators, 
– comparisons with competitors,
– best-selling practices.

What did they appreciate and what will they use in the Salesbook?  

– company presentation, 
– motorcycle presentation – video, photos, details, descriptions,
– sending an email with a summary of the offer immediately after the meeting.

If you have a sales team, even consisting of only one seller, then Salesbook is for you!