How to automatically generate a sales contract and sign it quickly?

How to automatically generate a sales contract and sign it quickly?

Sales contract signing is a result of an effective sales process. In an ideal situation, this moment does not last forever, however, the reality is much more unpredictable and complex. What can you do to affect the process? Are there any modern tools that allow you to automatically generate a sales contract and sign it quickly? Read our article.

What do you feel if you close a business deal?

Do you remember this feeling when your customer is satisfied with the cooperation and says, “Ok, let us sign a contract”? This is the moment when you see the results of long conversations about problems, exchanging e-mails, holding discussions, and taking part in negotiations. Probably, in such situations, you are content and proud of yourself. However, you also feel relief.

It is not an easy task to close deals. Usually, the signing process is complex and associated with setting up details and duties of both parties. Stress, too much hassle, and thinking if your customer has everything they wanted – a job of a sales rep is demanding.

Contract signing can be very stressful.
Fig. 1. Contract signing can be very stressful.

How long did it take to check if you had the necessary documents – faxing, printing, scanning, creating new templates, and changing information? What else do you have to do to sign sales contracts?

Obviously, all parties involved in reaching an agreement want to save time, but the process can prolong. Before you have a signature on your document you will have waited a lot.

Before you sign a contract – your way of achieving success

The day of the life of sales reps is a good source of information to create a tutorial video about customer relations and time management. Every day they have to do mundane tasks, for example, creating documents, responding to e-mails, making phone calls, or typing data into CRM.

If your company has a modern CRM system, it is easier for you because you can use it on your mobile device and have all information in one place. Moreover, you can even use electronic signatures and sign sales contract online. Everything happens faster.

Signing documents does not have to be time-consuming.
Fig. 2. Signing documents does not have to be time-consuming.

If you use the older version of this software, you are in a difficult position. You have to find all the necessary materials to close your deal, and online contract signing is impossible.

It seems that your workday never ends – you are an expert, advisor, and sales rep in one person. You seek the best solutions for your customers and listen to them.

In order to sign documents you must face many challenges.
Fig. 3. In order to sign documents you must face many challenges.

Sometimes you drive to another part of the country to have a meeting and present your offer. It is time-consuming, however, it is an element of your routine.

A job of a sales rep is challenging but rewarding. You just need to remember many things.

What makes a successful transaction?

There are several factors that affect your work. It depends on them whether your endeavors will be successful. The factors are:

Well-defined target

Are you certain that you know your clients and their needs? Do you know their problems and challenges? Are you interested in signing contracts with big companies or small businesses? It is good to know the answers to these questions;

Being an expert

If you are an authority to other people, you should know what you offer and what the advantages of your products are. Do not forget about the exact data that can support your professional opinion;

You are an expert and sales rep in one person.
Fig. 4. You are an expert and sales rep in one person.

The signing process is easy

It is obvious that negotiations and reaching an agreement with your customer take time. Traditional contracts require printing and sending that can lead to frustration of all parties involved. On account of this fact, you should think about online solutions.

Maybe your customer uses an electronic signature and it would make it easier.It does not have to be difficult to create a digital contract on your computer. Times have changed. More and more people are using digital signatures because it is a convenient method of confirming their statements. They can even sign documents in Google docs.

Electronic signatures are legally binding, and customers are willing to use them to sign online sales contract. It is safe you can verify your client’s identity by using advanced authentication. Moreover, digital contracts save time, and you avoid chaos for yourself and the person signing.

Online contract signing solves many problems.
Fig. 5. Online contract signing solves many problems.

Building relations with clients

You are the sales rep who takes care of customer satisfaction and maintains good relations with clients. You know that it is essential if you want to get a signature on your document. Therefore, you listen to your customers and try to find out an offer tailored to their needs. You believe that successful communication is key to closing deals;

Relations with customers are important in signing process.
Fig. 6. Relations with customers are important in signing process.

Interesting presentation of products or services

Making presentations about the offer of your company is a part of your everyday work. During meetings, you must show your customers that you can provide them with products or services that satisfy their needs. You use benefit language to convince them and get their signatures.

Contract signing and its details

Let us assume that you are a successful sales rep and you are about to sign an agreement. What are the essential elements of legally binding documents? Do you need a verbal or written agreement? What about a digital signature and its relevance? Read the rest part of our article to know the answers.

Online contracts and traditionally signed contracts are legal documents between people who make business together. Depending on the country you work in, they can contain different obligatory elements. Moreover, you have to be certain if you need a verbal or written agreement. Although some people accept it, it can be difficult to prove that parties do not follow the rules if an agreement is broken.

Electronic signatures are 100% safe.
Fig. 7. Electronic signatures are 100% safe.

As far as electronic signatures are concerned, you have to be aware the legality of digital signatures varies between different countries. Some of them regulate their statuses by passing appropriate legal acts such as the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act enacted in 2000 and passed by the U.S. Congress.

The best way to be certain if the electronic signature in your contract is legally binding is to check the law regulations in the country where you work.

Check what kind of signature is legally binding.
Fig. 8. Check what kind of signature is legally binding.

What should your sales contract contain?

Remember that in different countries and law systems, the elements of online contracts and traditionally signed contracts may vary. However, it is possible to indicate some parts essential to sign a contract.

The elements important in business agreements or contracts:

  • relevant parties – you have to determine who signs a contract and is responsible for respecting its regulations,
  • offer – every document regardless if you sign contracts online or during a direct meeting, should contain an offer: products or services that your company sells and your client wants to buy,
  • acceptance – a party can accept or reject an offer after its presentation in a contract, this part is not always present in agreements,
  • duties of both parties – a sales contract should clearly describe the responsibilities and rights of both parties, they have to comprehend the terms included in an agreement, a contract has to be understandable and easy to fill in,
In order to sign documents you have to agree all the details.
Fig. 9. In order to sign documents you have to agree all the details.
  • the way of payment – your client has to know all costs related to this agreement before online contract signing or regular contract signing. The document has to include the value of a product or service. Everything concerning money has to be settled,
  • final provisions – this is a place in an agreement that should contain such details as the way of changing the terms and conditions and the period of the termination of a contract,
  • signature fields – you have to place signature fields to make it easy for parties to sign a contract.

Obstacles to the signing process

Every sales rep does not like if there are more and more tasks to do and even more documents requiring signing.

Practice proves that signing a document does not have to be an easy task. What are the obstacles, and what is their origin?

What are the obstacles that sales reps do not like?

It is difficult to gather all the important information

If you do not use a CRM system, it is hard to collect the data needed to discuss it with your customer.

Your information is in different places: the Google drive on your computer, random Word documents on your laptop, and your mobile device such as your iPad. Some of the data is not even written down. Your company does not provide you with all the tools that you need.

It is difficult to gather all important information.
Fig. 10. It is difficult to gather all important information.

Your customer changes their mind a lot of times

Even if you are a good sales rep who has everything organized in Google docs and uses CRM, you can come across some obstacles. Your customer can be indecisive and problematic. Although you agreed on payments, legal issues, and other details of the contract, the client keeps changing their mind.

Imagine that you do not sign contracts online, instead, you print the necessary documents. Moreover, you leave your office and drive to have a meeting with your client in a different city. If your customer changed their mind, you would have to get back, modify the text of the contract, and go there again. Probably it would be better to sign this contract online.

If you sign a contract online, it can be less problematic.
Fig. 11. If you sign a contract online, it can be less problematic.

Your client needs an extra opinion

This is also a difficult situation – you and your customer agree on terms, and you create a template of your contract. You almost have a signature, but your customer decides that they need a second opinion. This behavior suggests changes in a document and creating different templates and versions. So, you try to be patient, but everything has its limits.

You take a lot of documents with you

You do not use modern tools that enable online contract signing and making legally binding eSignatures. As a consequence, you take a lot of paper documents with you, and obviously, you must arrange a direct meeting to sign a contract. Sometimes you have numerous of them in one day so your pile of documents is getting bigger and bigger.

Online contract signing and more – customers’ expectations

Your client is a busy person and would like to accelerate the signing of a contract. The customer does not want to fill in other complicated documents and read them all over again.

An electronic signature is useful if your client wants to sign a contract online.
Fig. 12. An electronic signature is useful if your client wants to sign a contract online.

What are your client’s expectations towards the contract?

  • The language of the document has to be plain and understandable.
  • The regulations that you had agreed on have to be the same.
  • The contract has to have all the necessary elements required by the law.
  • It is good if you can sign the contract online because it is faster and cheaper. Moreover, a person signing a document can do it at a convenient moment. You should create a PDF contract, upload it on your laptop, and share it with your client. Nowadays almost everybody has an electronic signature.

What are the advantages of automatically generated sales contracts?

There are numerous advantages of automatically generated sales contracts. Firstly, you can create ready-made templates of documents, upload, and store them in your CRM system. Secondly, you do not need to print a lot of paper contracts and, therefore, save your time whenever your client changes their opinion.

Thanks to a modern app from Salesbook, that can replace your CRM or integrate with it, you can easily upload templates that are used by customers. You do not have to create new documents if it is unnecessary.

You always find detailed information about contracts in your CRM system and Back Office. They are in Leads, and in the tab Agreements

All agreements are in the Back Office.
Fig. 13. All agreements are in the Back Office.

How to create online sales contract?

If your customers do not know to create an online PDF contract and need some help, you can easily explain it to them, or send them a simple manual.

If you use templates that are suitable for both parties, you improve the sales process. Furthermore, it is easier to sign a contract online.

However, your customers do not have to use only electronic signatures to close a deal. Thanks to the app from Salesbook, you have more opportunities.

The template of a contract.
Fig. 14. The template of a contract.

Not only electronic signatures – sign a document on Ipad with your finger

If you have a direct meeting and your customer wants to sign a contract, you have two options. The client can use a stylus or sign an agreement with a finger.

The contracts signed on Ipad are automatically sent to the Back Office that is integrated with your CRM system.

Your customer can sign an agreement during a meeting.
Fig. 15. Your customer can sign an agreement during a meeting.

Your customer can easily sign a sales contract.

Fig. 16. A customer can sign a contract with a finger.

Sign sales contracts online using a special code and an SMS

If your customer is busy and wants to read the contract once again, it is not problematic. You can send them a contract online that does not require a digital signature. You can be sure that your client will not miss it during checking their e-mail – simply name documents “An online contract to sign”. Furthermore, you can always send reminders.

How to sign a document with a code in several steps:

  1. Upload the documents.
  2. Sign the contract using a unique code.
  3. Download confirmation.
Instead of electronic signature you can use a code.
Fig. 17. Instead of electronic signature you can use a code.

Your customer receives an agreement and a unique code. The code has to be put in the right field. After that, the sales contract is signed, legally binding, and automatically sent to your CRM system.

Check how Salesbook works

Do you want to save time and improve online contract signing? Check the app from Salesbook, and try the free demo.